POM Hospitality Consultancy and Project Management Services have been established aiming at providing alternative project solutions to the investors in hotel, hospital, office, housing, Shopping Mall, real estate projects ..etc. with respect to design, implementation and management aspects and realizing the projects in compliance with the plans.

POM Hospitality Consultancy and Project Management Services provide construction management, tender management, agreement managemet, purchasing, budgeting, time and quality control management and sustainable project management services in projects for which investment decision is taken within the scope of national or international chain entegration, coordinating concept projects, organization and coordination of design teams and construction management.

Combining knowledge accumulation and academic experiences with international working discipline; POM has adopted the principle to provide rationale, innovative and solution-oriented proposals in alternatives as per investors’ and other sector players’ demands.

While searching for the permanent, POM focuses on nature and human and aims at offering sustainable and economic solutions in developing world. Producing such solutions, POM considers each project with respect to unique properties of the project. POM’s goal is contributing an added value into customers’ investments in every stage that is requested in accordance with proper method which is determined for the subject project. POM is eager to complete the works at defined schedule while continuously improving service quality.

POM Hotel Consultancy and Project Management Services provides services, vast knowledge, experiences, dynamism, entrepreneur spirit, perfectionist principle, discipline and experienced professional team under one roof.