Third Party Hospitality Management services provide pre-opening consultancy and hotel management. With these services, our aim is to ensure that the opening process is smooth and then to ensure that the hotel is managed by keeping operational efficiency at the highest level.


POM offers services to make the operation most efficient for franchise hotels and hotels that are not part of any international/local chain before opening. In this way, the hotel becomes ready for operation with a smooth opening process.

* Developing sales marketing strategies, negotiating with tour operators and sales channels,
* Preparation of hotel business plan,
* Determination of organisational charts,
* Preparation of personnel job descriptions, recruitment and training, creation and coordination of IT, food & beverage, front office, technical,sales-marketing departments,
* Adapting the business brand systems to the hotel business and, when necessary, selecting and applying suitable operating system modules for the hotel business,
* Applying the operational procedures and policies of the business brand to the hotel business in consideration with local conditions,
* Preparation of the operating budget before opening,
* Implementation of the hotel website,
* Services such as preparation of the annual operational budget.


POM as a hotel management company, accredited by international hotel management brands, because of its operational competence. POM provides hotel management consultancy services to provide efficient hotel operation for all the departments.

* Preparing the hotel's annual business plan, budget, sales and marketing reports and submitting them for approval,
* Organising/carrying out ongoing recruitments and trainings,
* Ensuring that the hotel complies with brand standards,
* Achieving the predicted guest satisfaction rates by the brand, evaluating and improving the guest services reports,
* Identifying and implementing improvement areas regarding Revenue Management, operational efficiency and service standards,
* Establishing the most efficient business plans with the principals and rules of the business brand and the investor,
* Managing hotel operations and quality control processes,
* Making, implementing and monitoring the necessary changes to maximize revenues and therefore profitability to ensure that the operations are runing in the most efficient way,
* Services will be provided to ensure that IT (Information Technologies) systems operate smoothly with brand standards.